Pizza with Grappa-Infused Burrata

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Approximating a “Vodka Sauce” on a pizza.

Injecting a burrata with grappa (made by sister’s father in law) allows the creamy contents to approximate a “Vodka Sauce” when it flows through the tomatoes of a marinara pizza.


  1. Carlos Bohorquez says

    Hey John, that is some good looking crust and pizza, care to share a bit on the recipe for that NP-Style pie?

    Best, Carlos.

    • Hi Carlos – I am working on a comprehensive post on making Neapolitan dough, and will share the entire workflow and recipe.

  2. Chad Safranek says

    Hey John just checking to see how the Neapolitan Dough recipe and workflow are coming along? Hope you post it soon I am dying to try it!

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