Month: April 2013

Secrets to Making Cannoli

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The holy cannoli trinity

Making cannoli at home can be an arduous task, but if you get it right you will be lauded as royalty by family and friends. Cannoli have always been marginalized to the Italian pastry shop or your favorite Italian restaurant: and rightly so because getting the right consistency on the shell takes real know-how.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

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Deep Dish

Although not technically Italian as it would exist in Italy, this is what Italians in Chicago call pizza. This is a filling pizza. One slice is enough for me, and then I don’t really crave it for a long time afterward. But the flavor is uniquely suited for a casual Saturday dinner with family with some nice roasted vegetables as an accompaniment. Surprisingly, this pizza is one of the easiest to make since the dough […]

Antique Oliera

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Antique oliera

These copper oil cruets (olieras) are used all over Italy, but particularly in the south around Naples. I found this one while perusing The women selling it said it had been her grandfather's oliera while he operated a pizzeria around the turn of the century.